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My Million Dollar Method for Taking Risks with Confidence and Succeeding at Work and Life

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It’s Your Move QUICK TIPS
  • Your gut is constantly sending you messages.

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    Achieving your goals requires hard work, quick decisions, and big risks.

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  • Calculated confidence means training yourself in your chosen field, knowing it so well that you can trust your gut instincts.

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    The key to his success? Confidence—informed, intelligent, calculated confidence.

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  • Treating every day like a battle is the right idea, but a lot goes into a battle.

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    The only way you can give everything is to have the right strategy and ideas in place.

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29 Aug 29 LA Speaking Event Los Angeles
31 Aug 31 Social Media Promotion
02 Sep 02 Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing LA” Premier Los Angeles
NEW @thealtmanbrothers Listing in the oaks of Calabasas for 2.195M. This 4300 sq ft house on a 20,000 sq ft lot includes your own basketball court! @themattaltman @bravotv @jordancohen1 @douglaselliman #mdlla #itsyourmove link in bio
@onebarco thanks so much for the awesome custom tie bars. I always talk about dressing the part and this definitely completes the outfit. What would your custom tie bar say??
So much fun seeing one of my oldest and dearest friends @amybelkin while in Boston with her cutie pie little baby Jordan.
Amazing time speaking to a sold out crowd of the Greater Boston Association Of Realtors today. Love my home town and every single one of the 600 realtors that I got to individually meet and sign books for. Great crowd and so proud of the success stories you told me about your businesses. You all inspire me to keep selling the dream! @thealtmanbrothers @bravotv #mdlla @themattaltman #itsyourmove link in bio.
Good to be back in Boston again even if it's just for one day for a speech. Some things never change. Friends for life! @thealtmanbrothers @themattaltman @sberger44
Get ready for another awesome episode tonight of #mdlla on @bravotv Wait till you see the houses on this episode. @thealtmanbrothers @douglaselliman #itsyourmove link in bio