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My Million Dollar Method for Taking Risks with Confidence and Succeeding at Work and Life

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It’s Your Move QUICK TIPS
  • Your gut is constantly sending you messages.

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    Achieving your goals requires hard work, quick decisions, and big risks.

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  • Calculated confidence means training yourself in your chosen field, knowing it so well that you can trust your gut instincts.

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    The key to his success? Confidence—informed, intelligent, calculated confidence.

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  • Treating every day like a battle is the right idea, but a lot goes into a battle.

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    The only way you can give everything is to have the right strategy and ideas in place.

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29 Aug 29 LA Speaking Event Los Angeles
31 Aug 31 Social Media Promotion
02 Sep 02 Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing LA” Premier Los Angeles
5 days and counting. Season 9 of #MDLLA premieres October 6. This Thursday @ 9/8c.  #ItsYourMove @thealtmanbrothers
@thealtmanbrothers amazing listing
Spent the morning learning infant CPR with friends. Who would you choose to save your baby? Seriously though, great class. Recommend to anyone with or without a child. Prepping for #babygirlaltman
Proud of this kid @thejacobgreene  He started as an intern for me 4 years ago at the age of 19. Got his real estate license and showed houses for me in between classes and on weekends by borrowing his moms car. Came from nothing and earned every dollar. Never complained, stayed grounded and most importantly worked hard, harder then everyone. Represented @thealtmanbrothers by working 24/7 and became an expert in real estate by living and breathing it. Signed a 17M listing this year all on his own and for his 23rd birthday this week, he went out and bought himself an 80k car. That my friends is how it's done. If you want it then work hard and earn it. Well done @thejacobgreene #itsyourmove #mdlla
Who is ready for #MDLLA in only 6 days? I know I am! @thealtmanbrothers @themattaltman @theheatheraltman @bravotv #ItsYourMove #TABRE
Just 1 week left till The Season 9 premiere of #MDLLA! You don't want to miss this season. Make sure you tune in next Thursday 9/8c @bravotv @thealtmanbrothers @themattaltman @theheatheraltman